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Did you know that Buffalo Bill killed over 4,280 Buffalo in 1 ½ years?. There have been many people who have left their mark in the world. However, few people have done it with the flare and showmanship that Buffalo Bill did. To fully understand Buffalo Bill, it is necessary to take a closer look at his early life and the years that led up to the Wild West show. He had a lasting impression on all that he came in contact with. Buffalo Bill’s early life was very exciting and depressing at the same time. Bill was born in Leclaire, IA. When Bill was 7, his brother died in a horse accident. When Bill was eight, he and his family moved to Kansas after selling their property for $2000. Once they got there, they realized how prevalent slavery was there. When Bill was 11, his dad gave a speech against slavery. Many people still wanted slavery, so one person jumped up and fatally stabbed him with a bowie knife. Since he did not live with his mother at this time…show more content…
By courageously scouting for the US cavalry and the US Railroad, Buffalo Bill earned the Medal of Honor on 1846. In just over a year and a half, Buffalo Bill killed over 4,280 buffalo to feed US Railroad workers. He is very well known as a buffalo hunter. In his later years, he felt badly and supported buffalo conservation. He became as famous as a buffalo hunter, people started writing novels about him. It was then that he started his work as a showman. Over a couple years, he created and performed in well-known Western shows. In these shows, Native Americans and cowboys acted out battles and scenes. Some scenes were based off of Buffalo Bill’s real experiences. Buffalo Bill’s wife did not enjoy the life of show business, so they did not have a happy marriage. Buffalo Bill sued his wife for divorce shortly before he died on 1817. Buffalo Bill was a very brave and entertaining person with lots of stories to tell in his long career of Wild West

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