Personal Narrative: The Day I Can T Swim

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It was the time that I taught my best friend to swim when I never stepped foot in the lake again. I had invited her to come to the lake with us on a hot, sweltering summer day On June 13, 1942. April and I, (my best friend), helped momma pack the snacks and the lounging chairs, and after that we hopped into the car and started off on our 1 hour drive to the lake. Once we got there we took off our coverings and I plummeted into the lake in my one-piece black and white striped swimsuit, but for some reason she just stood there at the bank solemnly looking into the water. As I slowly rose from the murky water and started swimming to her she blurted out, “I can’t swim”. Once those words hit me my first thought was: I am going to fix that.

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