Bornean Orangutan Research Paper

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The Bornean orangutan may look like a basic animal .but watch out world you’re in for a surprise. The orangutan. or more specifically the Bornean orangutan is believed to be one of the smartest of all apes. There are many reports of bornean orangutans escaping from their cages at different zoos. Do you think that all apes can do that? The Bornean orangutan is extremely beautiful animals. They are a dark orange-red in color. They are typically between 3.9 and 4.6 feet tall. Males are about 38 inches in length. Females are about 37.7 inches in length. Females and males are both around 170 lbs . Bornean orangutans live in tropical rainforests around the world. They spend most of their time swinging from tree to tree.They can be found in Malaysia, Sumatra, and Indonesia.They can be found in a few other places around the world, but those are…show more content…
Some other predators include tigers and other different kinds of cats. The reason that the bornean orangutan spends so much time in trees is that they are an easy breakfast to a hungry tiger when they are on the ground. The reason they are wanted by humans is because their fur is highly valuable. The bornean orangutan could ultimately become extinct over time. One hundred years ago, there was believed to be 315,000 bornean orangutans left in the wild. There are now less than 54,000 left in Borneo, and less than 6.600 left in Sumatra. Humans are murdering them for their pelt, and burning down their homes. If this continues ,there will be know bornean orangutans left in a matter of years. The bornean orangutan is an extremely interesting animal, which some people will never know. After they leave their mothers, bornean orangutans tend to be loners. They do not travel in groups or packs. Another reason why Bornean orangutans are believed to be the smartest of all apes is because in rainstorms, they have been seen using large leaves to protect their

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