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The book of Titus which is the seventeenth book of the New Testament is a Pastoral Epistle which is a letter to a religious leader for spiritual guidance. It is one of three Pastoral Epistles in the “New Testament” along with Timothy 1 and Timothy 2. The only difference between the Epistles to Timothy and to Titus is that Timothy was restoring order in established churches and Titus was establishing order in young churches. The author of Titus identifies himself as "Paul, slave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ for the sake of the faith of God’s chosen one and the recognition of religious truth. (Titus 1:1)" Paul is credited with writing The Book of Romans, First and Second Corinthians, The Book of Galatians, The Book of Ephesians, The…show more content…
It was written in approximately 66-67 A.D. in-between Timothy 1 and Timothy 2. The way it is written hints to the facts it is supposed to be read before both of them. This is because Titus is establishing order in young churches so you would see the growth to where Timothy is restoring order in established churches. Critical scholars believe that instead of the letter being written when Paul was alive in the 60 A.D.’s the letter was actually written sometime around 80…show more content…
The answer is because when the Christian church was set up in Crete it needed someone to lead it. Paul selected Titus for that job and he became the first Bishop of Crete. The job was not done just by putting Titus in charge he was tasked with selecting elders to be role models for young Cretans. I think he left Titus in Crete temporarily because while choosing the elders and solving the problems with the false teachers it would give Titus the experience he needed in leading a Christian society. Titus was also tasked with turning them into good Christian citizens, Cretans where known as wild people and liars so this task would be challenging for Titus. “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons (Titus 1:12.)” So Paul sent Titus because he knew how challenging the task would be and he knew Titus was the right one of his followers for the job. Paul knew it would give him some much needed experience and it showed the faith Paul had in Titus because of the connection they shared as Paul referred to Titus as his "true son in a common

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