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The scapture goes in correspondence with the act of fall from the bible. When Adam and Eve disobied God and ate the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In that present when Adam and Eve ate the apple they where thrown from the present of God. They were separated from God because of their sin and that’s the same way we have being separated from him. The scapture says that God has are not too shortened that he canot hear us, or neither is he deth to hear us, but are iniquities are keeping us from everything he has for us.//// In the day of Ireal, there were no kings to rule over the people, so they did what they thought was right to them. I can’t image how that most have been for them to live among each other without rules or leaders to govern them.///…show more content…
That althought Satan would strike the seed of the woman (Jesus) on the heel, he would strike satan on the head. God had a second plan for us, long ago.//// From the departure of God, the fall leads to sin, which drove us away from him further and further./// The book of Exodus is the book that starts with the story of one of the greatest prophet in Israel.//// This prayer was done to thank God of who he continue to be in our lives remaining God of he’s faithfulness and love toward us.//// Even thought God created us in his image, we still managed to fleed his present by our sins. We are breaking all the commandments of our God which is putting us further away from him./// The fall introduced pain into the world and in childbirth. Work was always part of God’s work. God curse Eve to be submissive to her husband and Adam purnishment was to work and support his family./// The departure of wisdom is marked by sin. Adam and Eve want to be God, insteading of being who God wanted them to

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