Body Virus: A Short Story

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I had the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest,the feeling of sorrow but also lost. I have always prayed this day would never come .I just knew this was a dream or perhaps a nightmare. I never felt this sickness in my stomach before; it was a whole new stomach virus, oh how I wish it would have been just the stomach virus.Why, why was this happening to me and my family what did we do to deserve something like this, this pain, this shock, this heart wrenching news.Because of my mom passing away I have transformed from being self-centered and everything being about me, to now know how fortunate I am to have what I have, and having a great family. I have now found my true self, this is really me. Although i’m not really sure why it took…show more content…
I once heard from someone that boys can't be raised without a man in their life, but I hear this as a false statement. I would not be the person I am today without my moms hard hand and soft heart. She had just enough bark, and also just enough bite. Living was so easy when she was here on earth with me, she made everything okay in my eyes even if in hers things were a disaster. Me and my mom even though we fought like cats and dogs, we were very close. I remember growing up and life being so easy. Us kids got everything we wanted at the drop of a hat and still do. Why would I have so much disrespect towards someone that gave me so much . The answer was always there I just had to learn to see it I guess. I had so much fun with my mom, she would come get me out of school and take me home and we would get on the couch and watch CSI and eat junk food until time to pick up the rest of the crew. My Mom’s strength was something special she would take so many punches we threw her way, but yet still tuck us in and tell us how much she loved us when it was time for bed.I wish now all the mean things I said to her and all the times I got mad or talked back could go away and never had happened. She gave no reason to deserve that. Before my mom passed away If we knew a friend's loved one passed away I would…show more content…
I know very clearly now, I was wrong. All my life I have known my Mom to be a very bad asthma patient, she suffered from a very bad case of it. One of the main things that would trigger an asthma attack was for her to be around horses, she was highly allergic to their hair. Well of course I was a big time rodeo participant, we were around horses non-stop. After rodeos we would have to

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