Blue Bell Case Summary

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1. The largest and most important target audience, or primary target audience, that Blue Bell needs to reach is their loyal customers first. They need to reach out to them and make sure they keep those customers happy because they are the ones who have helped Blue Bell become so successful. The secondary audiences that Blue Bell needs to reach are families and ice cream lovers. Families are important because they are possibly the biggest market for Blue Bell, it is an ice cream that can be enjoyed by parents and kids. They also have a larger size tub than most of their competitors, which appeals to families. They need to appeal to ice cream lovers as well because convincing them that Blue Bell is good will bring in more profits and create possible loyal customers. 2.…show more content…
The press releases coming out when Blue Bell first found out about the Listeria outbreak were stating which kinds of ice cream it was found in. They put the releases out in a timely manner it seemed and they were specific about which ones were affected, and if they found more they put out another release stating which other products were affected. They wanted to be safe rather than sorry so they stopped operations and pulled all their products off the shelves and explained the Listeria outbreak being the reason for the recalls. This was smart on their part because they did not leave customers wondering if it was safe to eat. They then stated they were teaming up with a few different state departments to resolve the issue and improve things after the fix. These releases had a negative stigma at first but took a quick turn after Blue Bell started announcing all the things they were voluntarily doing to take care of the situation and improve the facilities

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