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The book, Blown to Bits, discusses the promises and perils, risks and opportunities of the digital explosion that has a ubiquitous impact in all aspects of our lives. Since the first chapter of the book offers an initial insight into the impacts of the digital explosion, it has been supplemented with examples that are cited to explain how this digitization of information has seeped in to every avenue of our communication and information sharing. This insidiously exponential growth of information has proven both to open vast avenues through which data and technology can be used to improve our lives as well as to provide ways through which this information sharing technology can be manipulated to serve purposes that have shady and ulterior motives like cybercrimes, spying and invasion of privacy. Since this book was published in 2008, there are a lot of instances of the effects of this digital invasion that can be cited in the first chapter. For…show more content…
In 2009, a school in Philadelphia was sued by outraged parents of highschoolers who had borrowed laptops from school using a computer-laptop-loan program that was offered by the school to its students. The school was using the laptops to remotely snap pictures of students in their homes, record their chat logs and browser histories with the purported motive of theft prevention; however, this was not a justified reason for this invasion of privacy as geolocation trackers would have sufficed for this purpose. A similar instance in 2012 occurred when the US Federal Trade Commission conducted a regulatory settlement with seven rent-to-own companies and a software design firm, settling charges that the companies spied on consumers using the web cams on rented computers and even used fake software registration programs on these computers to prompt the consumers to enter their personal

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