Blood Pressure Down To 120 Summary

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The article I have chosen is titled “How to Get Blood Pressure Down to 120”. The reason I picked this article is because it closely relates to what we are learning in class. We recently discussed the heart and things that can result because of high blood pressure. I choose this article to help understand blood pressure by using examples as well as ways to improve blood pressure. The article sort of summarized what we talked about in class and it helped me understand what high blood pressure is and also how to lower it. I also know people who have high blood pressure and this article will help me explain to them how to lower it. The article starts of by summarizing high blood pressure and what the normal readings should be. The author explains why the systolic number should be closer to 120. Then discusses ways to lower your systolic number. The Main points…show more content…
It is also hard to detect but if found early enough can be treatable. High blood pressure can be avoidable and the author explains ways to avoid and lower blood pressure. It is a very helpful article that could possible save lives. High blood pressure is a silent killer because most people do not know they have it. This article may have been written to make people aware of this so they get their blood pressure checked. It may have been written as a warning for people to take high blood pressure seriously and that if you do have high blood pressure you can fix it. The author may have written it reassure people who have high blood pressure that it is curable and non life threatening if it is caught in enough time. The article lists many things that we should all do any way like eat fruits and vegetables and exercise. The article is just a reminder that even if we may not have high blood pressure now, these are still good things to practice so we can avoid high blood

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