Surviving Vladek In 'The Maus' By J. Spiegelman

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Auschwitz to many people was considered hell, though some like Vladek “survived” the camps. In the second part of the Maus series, Spiegelman finally gives insight to Vladek’s life in the camps. His father has to do many things just to survive, even with surviving physically there is a part of him that never survived the war because of all the turmoil he and the others had gone through. To attempt to survive Auschwitz, many prisoners, including Vladek, tried to use their old skills, work with one another, and bargain with the guards. Vladek’s skills got him settled into a good position in Auschwitz. Through his different skills he was able to get himself food and supplies for other prisoners that could have saved their lives. On many occasions Vladek’s skills save him from being taken away. When he first arrives at the camp, a polish Kapo wants to learn English and to Vladek’s advantage the other prisoners don’t speak english as well as him. “‘They’ll want 200…show more content…
The march is still considered being in the camp because they haven’t been freed, they are only being transported to another location. During the march some prisoners attempted to escape by paying off the guards. “‘It’s all set, Vladek. Help us pay off the guards and join us.’ ‘Ach. How can you trust the germans?! At night was a commotion. 8 or 9 ran off… and of course you couldn’t trust”’ (Spiegelman, “Maus 2” 83). The prisoners that tried to trade with the Nazi soldiers only ended up dead. Prisoners did anything to survive, yet the only way that seemed to work was keeping your head down and trying to work with other prisoners to survive. Before Vladek was in the camps the idea of working together did not end up well. However, in the camps that was what worked for Vladek as well as his skills to help him survive till they were

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