Black Death Dbq

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The Black Death “Many people believe that the Black Death started in Europe but, it really started in Central Asia.” Scientist know this because the first recorded case of the plague was in China.”It traveled from Central Asia to Crimea by the year 1346.”It traveled in many different ways. “Some examples are it traveled through the trade routes like the silk road. “”The bubonic plague also traveled by ships.I hope you enjoy the next few paragraphs about the Black Death(“The Bubonic Plague”). The next few sentences will explain how The Black Death affected the population and where it affected.”The plague actually started in Central Asia.””The Black Death affected along the silk road and it killed 50% of Europe’s population.”Between 1348 and 1350 it infected and killed 1.5 million people.”The plague arrived in Europe in 1347 by sea.”When a ship of sailors arrived in a small town in Europe the five men could barely crawl of the ship.There is a total of 75 million people that lost their lives to the Black Death.The Black Death was a life
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