Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

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Biomedical Engineering "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known." Going to my mother's physiotherapy sessions at the hospital gave me a chance to observe how technology and science have made both ends meet over the period of time. Watching how the device functioned to relieve my mother's stiff neck, was not only intriguing but also made me realize my interest in biomedical engineering and the mechanics behind each valuable device. In the words of Albert Einstein, "Never memorize something that you can look up"; Biomedical engineering to me seems a perfect blend of research and tangible work. This interdisciplinary field seeks to fill the gap between engineering and medicine. As they say, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable form of magic", it fascinates me how basic physical principles can be tailored to fit the intricate design of the human body, like the artificial pacemaker in the heart. When considering my pursuits for life, I realized that the only field that appeals to me, other than engineering, was medicine. To me, this field is unprejudiced, objective and empirical. The spirit of…show more content…
Mathematics has enhanced my creativity and improved my line of thought at approaching and solving problems. A good mathematical aptitude is an important ability for any engineer. Physics improved my imagination and ability to apply theoretical principles in real-world situations. Whilst physics and mathematics are my preferred subjects, I also enjoy chemistry, as it taught me to analyze logically with multiple factors in mind. My AS-level subject, Economics made me consider the economic aspects of science, technology and health care. The required time, effort, expenses, forgone income and experience in these fields can bring more benefits against all losses, is well taught by

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