Biography: Roman Emperor Commodus

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Roman emperor Commodus, he was a Gladiator, Husband an the Emperor of Rome. The son of Marcus Aurelius the emperor of Rome he was Destin to rule the empire. To some Commodus was cruel, lapsing in insanity, and he thought he was god Hercules, but today I will write his early year, Commodus as an Emperor, his later years, and death. I will share my opinion on Commodus along the way base on my research and movies I’ve watched Gladiator, an Netflix series Roman Empire Reign of Blood. Commodus was born August 31, 161 in Lanuvium a city 14 miles southeast of Rome, he was the son of Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Rome and one of the five good emperors so this made him the last inherit the throne. He was given a world class education and joined Marcus…show more content…
Instead Commodus left other to rule in his place which lead to plots to over throw him and greed as well him being easy to manipulate with all of the chamberlain being killed. One plot was his sister Lucius who believed she should be emperor her, Paternus, the commander of the Praetorian Guard, and his nephew who was to stab him while he entered to arena. When the plot fail all were executed. Another one is Perennis who believed himself to be the true emperor of Rome, but his slave Cleander would let Commodus know of the plot and Perennis and his sons where…show more content…
He seem to be lapsing into insanity later in life giving Rome, the months of the year, the people of Rome as a whole names to resemble himself. He changed his name to Hercules Son of Zeus he believed he was a god wearing a lion skin and carry a club which was not like by the senate. He also competed in the gladiator games fighting people, tigers, hippos and elephants this is where he began to believe he was Hercules. There was a final plot to kill Commodus by his second wife Marcia, and the new commander of the Praetorian Guard (Quintas Aemilius Laetus) realized he had gone too far. He began to execute people more often making a list of people to be killed. He threaten them when they try to talk him out of his plan, later than usual his wife Marcia brought him a glass of wine prior to his bath; however, this time it was laced with poison, But the poison failed and his fitness coach, Narcissus (a professional wrestler by trade) entered and choked him to death on December 31 192, C.E at 31 at 31 years of

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