Bily Wazzlemoore Meet Little Miss Hate-It Analysis

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Wally Wuzzlemoore meets Little Miss Hate-It By Tom Schinderling Wally jumps out of bed happy as could be, He rushes to eat his breakfast to fill his tummy. He packs his backpack with everything he will need, Preparing him self for an exciting deed. Molly, his mother, is happy to see him full of joy, She loves to see that Wally is an eager little boy. Wally thought about how this new adventure was super cool, For today was Wally’s first day of school. Wally strolled to the bus stop while Molly waved goodbye, He felt a rush of good feelings as Molly tried not to cry. She was proud to see him go with so much gusto, That it made her eyes tear-up with joy and overflow. Wally hopped on the bus and greeted its driver, He saw his friend Jinx…show more content…
No one knows why she is like this, She is just one mean little miss!” Wally saw the tears in Little Miss’s eyes fill full, All of the kids teasing her made Wally feel awful. Wally’s feelings built up so much he had a fit, At the top of his lungs he yelled, “Stop it!” “No one is like her,” Wally said, “And I think that’s cool! And I am here to let you know she is not your fool!” All the kids stood quiet looking at Wally, His upset words made them feel their folly. The children left feeling bad for what they did, Little Miss Hate-It’s hands still kept her face hid. Wally reached out his pom-palm and said, “Everything is alright.” Little Miss Hate-It thought Wally was a beautiful sight. “Come along with me, Little Miss Hate-It.” Said Wally. “That’s not my name,” she said, “It is Little Miss Holly.” Wally smiled at Holly, “I like that much better.” And he told Holly he was glad to have met her. Little Miss Holly smiled big and started to laugh, Wally shared a joke about a nosey giraffe. He held her hand as they walked away, This may have to be Wally’s best

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