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Chapter two began with the narrator ordering the readers to listen, then the narrator exclaimed that the novel’s protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, has “come unstuck in time.” This means that Billy can travel through time. Billy claims that he has seen his birth and death many times, and that he has also paid random visits to events in between. Born in 1922 in Ilium, New York, Billy Pilgrim studied to become an optometrist for only one semester before being drafted to serve in World War II. After serving his term for the military, Billy suffered a nervous collapse and had to be treated with shock therapy. Once he recovered from treatment, Billy married, had two kids, and became a wealthy optometrist. In 1968, Billy suffered through a plane crash in…show more content…
Hearing this upset his daughter, forcing her to bring him home. Following this, Billy wrote a letter to his local paper concerning the description of the aliens. The day the letter had been published, Billy Pilgrim was already writing a second letter about the lessons he had learned on planet Tralfamadore. Upon discovering the letters, Billy’s daughter became distraught, but she was incapable of persuading Billy to stop. Next, the novel continued with his entry into the army, his training to become chaplain’s assistant, and his trek behind enemy lines in the Battle of Bulge in WWII. After that battle, Billy encountered three other American soldiers and stayed with them. Two of them had been scouts, but one of them, Weary, was a cruel, unfit man who saved Billy’s life many times, therefore, that allowed Weary to consider himself a hero. The first time Billy time traveled was while he was leaning against a tree in a forest. He traveled through the extreme events in his life : the violet light of death, and the red light of prebirth. Billy then became a young boy being thrown into the deep end of the pool by his

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