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Cathleen Turner September 24, 2014 Bowyer Broadway Research – Billy Elliot Many shows on Broadway are very popular and known worldwide by many people that aren’t even involved in the theatre industry. One show that is relatively popular is Billy Elliot the musical. Billy Elliot not only has wonderful music, but also a powerful story to go with it. This story takes place during the years of 1984-1985. During this time, there is a strike that coal miners are taking part in. The story focuses on one boy named Billy. Billy’s mother passed away some time ago, and his father and brother are both involved with the strike of the coal miners. While they are away, Billy lives with his Grandmother who is not all there mentally. Billy is put in a school for sports to take lessons on boxing. He realizes he does not the sport and is not good at it. He skips boxing to then go to the mostly girls-only ballet class. Billy’s boxing teacher informs his father of his absence and he gets in trouble for going to a dance class. He secretly keeps attending dance class with the help of his teacher who believes he has real potential. She gets him an audition for the Royal Ballet School and he eventually gets into the school and leaves his home to attend the ballet school (Synopsis). This musical was based off of the film, and written by Lee Hall.…show more content…
The coming of age traits are seen in the main character Billy which show him overcoming struggles throughout the time of him growing up. The musical shows how people should be free to pursue what they love and what they think they are good at. People should not be held back from their right to do what they want because somebody else doesn’t like the idea of it. This idea is expressed through lots of music and dance in the musical which gives it a very powerful approach. Billy Elliot the musical is a great example of a Broadway Show with great music and entertainment, but also a powerful

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