Beyoncé Knowles Influence On The Music Industry

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The music industry can be an exceptionally difficult place. Many try and try again to find their place in the industry, but only a few succeed. One of the few people is Beyoncé Knowles, who is known worldwide by only her first name. Beyoncé Knowles’ admirable personal life, along with her all-around success in her singing, acting, and dancing careers, has made her a powerful celebrity with a huge influence on the music industry and American society. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was both on September 4th, 1981 in Houston, Texas ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). She is the daughter of Mathew and Tina Knowles. Mathew Knowles was originally a salesman, but as Beyoncé’s career heightened, he became her manager ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). Beyoncé’s mother, Tina…show more content…
That year, Destiny’s Child signed a record deal with Columbia Records ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). A short year after, in 1998, Destiny’s Child released their debut album. On the album, simply titled, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé was a writer, cowriter, and coproducer, along with singing on the album (“Beyoncé.” Newsmakers). Destiny’s Child sold a little over 500,000 copies ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). Although this is a lot of albums sold, it would not compare to future albums. In 1999, Destiny’s Child released their second album, The Writings on the Wall ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). This album sold over eight million copies and was one of the most successful Destiny’s Child…show more content…
It was released in 2006 ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). It was followed by I Am… Sasha Fierce in 2008 and 4 in 2011 ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). Beyoncé’s most recent album is self-titled and was released in 2013 ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). With a total of five successful solo albums, it is no surprise that Beyoncé is one of the most powerful women in the world. Beyoncé’s lengthy and successful career has won her countless awards. In 2010, Beyoncé Knowles made Grammy Awards history by winning six Grammy’s in one night ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). Though this record was matched by Adele in 2012, Beyoncé still ranks within the Top 20 Grammy winners with a total of 17 Grammy’s. Beyoncé has also received a lot of attention from Forbes Magazine. In 2010, Beyoncé ranked in the top 10 of Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Powerful Women ("Beyoncé." Newsmakers). In 2014, Forbes granted Beyoncé the number one spot on their list of the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities ("The World's Most Powerful Celebrities List.”). Beyoncé ranked above powerful athletes, performers, and

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