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In Indian tradition, the neem tree is said to be have held a sacred status and was used for many ritualistic purposes. Our ancestors were clever enough to use the many medicinal benefits of this tree to their advantage. If you have ever gone into the market to buy a face wash or some other product with an “anti-bacterial” tag, flip the product over to the ingredients and you will notice that the composition always has the word neem or neem extract written somewhere. Although it is very bitter in taste, the leaves of this plant can be used to treat various health conditions. The top 10 reasons why neem is best for you are: Helps prevent oral problems In rural India, neem twigs are used as brushes to brush the teeth and massage the gums. Due to the strong antimicrobial tendencies of neem, it is the perfect remedy to whiter teeth, removal of…show more content…
Use the brush to clean your teeth and rinse mouth with water to clean out any leftover twig pieces! Relieves amoebiasis symptoms The amoebas parasite can be remedied by applying neem paste on the stomach. The intestinal inflammation and cramps that are commonly observed in children are lessened due to the antibiotic activity of the herb. Usage: Take dry neem leaves, grind them until they are powder like and add an equal amount of turmeric powder, Add mustard oil to the mixture and make paste. This paste is then ready to be used to provide relief. Treating hepatitis Neem is known to have potential anti-viral properties. This allows us to use it to treat hepatitis. The harmful toxins from our body are removed. This gives our liver a rest from the toxic load on it, thus helping increase immunity and enhancing recovery. Usage: Neem leaves should be washed and the juice extracted. 30 ml of this juice should be mixed with 15 ml of honey and the solution should be consumed early morning on an empty stomach for a period of 1 week to

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