Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Essay

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Music Review: Beethoven Symphony No. 9 on Sept. 18, 2014, by Riccardo Muti. Beethoven Symphony No.9 is one of the famous symphonies in the music history. This master piece was shared to the world on May 7,1824. As one of those who listen to this by its fame, I fortunately encounter the video that is released for its anniversary around May 7,2015. The video is the sold out performance on Sep. 18, 2014. Preformed by Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Riccardo Muti as the conductor, the Beethoven Symphony No.9 seems to be recreated as the simulation of its declaration. The well trained high quality of performance, the dramatic dynamic range and the contrary of each movement is the three factors that result in the performance as a big success. ("The CSO’s Free Stream of Beethoven’s Ninth Available May 7 - CSO…show more content…
In the first movement, I heard the repetition of the same melody line with different variation. This method and the soft and mysterious melody gives us the feeling of suspicion. Being skeptical about the music or about which style to form, the movement provides uncertainty. Some review comes up with the analyzation of that tis section is the reflection of the beginning phase of Beethoven’s lost of hearing, which is the phase of exploring. (Listening Guide for adults. English and Spanish) However, the second movement is, as mentioned above, a more playful part. The transition of a sudden violin sound is the most rememberable sound of the whole symphony. And then, it comes the third movement. Being back into soft strings and woodwinds melodies, the tempo of this section is much slower than movement one. As the calm feeling goes on, the brass instruments break the atmosphere with the powerful energy of its tone color. After the announcement like brass sound, the melody return to calm and slow,but somehow, it additionally has a little sadness in

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