Batmobile Vs Optimus Prime Essay

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Batmobile Vs Optimus Prime Batman chasing a villain in a common cycle, can never be imagined. It is not only the super heroes and their supernatural powers that drag audiences to theaters, but also the technological advances used in the movies, like vehicles. Batmobile, and Optimus Prime are some of the famous cars of science fictions. Both of them offer a great speed, super natural powers to attack and chase enemies but the ability of it transforming to robot, makes Optimus Prime a unique choice, however the light weight and high speed makes Batmobile a better choice. Optimus Prime is an eighteen wheeler semi-trailer truck, with red and blue paint scheme. It is famous in movies from its ability to turning into a robot from some different planet, in Michael Bay’s movies. Optimus is a brave, wise and kind with a strong sense of moral justice who promises to protect the inhabitants of Earth from the Decepticons and their leader, Megatron. Fuel powered, Optimus has a shell canon on its back and sharp energy blades on its forearms to combat its enemies. It is has a very poor immune system, it cannot tolerate the hard attacks from the Ecto-1 for longer time unlike Batmobile , a smaller vehicle that succeeds in skipping the attacks due to its high speed.…show more content…
It has an appearance of a tank black in color, like machine designed for jumping using jet like after burner. Batmobile is comparatively less heavy and faster in speed than the Optimus Prime. In the movie, it’s designed for the military, measures 15 feet 2 inches in length, and weighs 2.3 tons. It can also sprint from 0 to 200mph. Technology at batman’s fingertips in the car include radar-evading controls, front firing machine guns, armor plating, and a landing hook. Batmobile is an ion blaster, which can move fast and eject ions at the same

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