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Ballet Folklorico de Mexico 1. Background on BFM Ballet Folklorico de Mexico is a Mexican ballet company based in Mexico City. It was founded in 1952 by Amalia Hernandez Navarro. The company started with eight couples and over the decade, quickly grew to a fifty-piece ensemble. The company works to preserve and perform Mexican art forms and has presented dances in costumes that reflect the traditional culture of Mexico. The dance and musical styles are created to reflect of Mexico's many different regions, folklore traditions and each performance involves elaborate costume and set designs. The ensemble has also appeared under the name, Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández. 2. The Show A. Maltachines The show starts with the piece…show more content…
For example, in Mexico is very common to find primitive dancers performing in the street, most of the times they are indigenous people performing for a couple of coins. I have seen these small performances, and the average a person watch a pure traditional dance is about 8 minutes before the person moves forward to the next touristic place. This dances use a lot of repetition on the choreographies and not many changes in spatial choreographies and almost not other variations like ripples, juxtaposition, etc. The work the Ballet Folklorico the Mexico is presenting is not merely traditional. They have incorporated ballet and modern in to its training and pieces performed in the show. By doing this, enhances the aesthetics of the show and in simple words, they make it pretty to the audience eye. By fusing ballet, modern and traditional dance gives the audience a deeper level another way to see it, not just as learn about the Mexican culture but to actually enjoy a high level dance. The lighting used in the show is not high level; they use simple spots and a powerful spotlight from the front. This kind of lighting is not what I am looking for my work but the props and backdrops gave me ideas on how they use all of this to enhance the traditional dance without loosing the essence of it. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico is known as one of the most prestigious ballets in the world because of what they have done as fusing the most traditional dances from Mexico and ballet and modern dance. I was delighted to see the show one more time but now as a critical

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