Awarda Bank Personal Loan Case Study

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127. Andhra Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate Andhra Bank Andhra Bank was founded in 1923 by Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya in Machilipatnam. It is a public sector bank that now boasts of 2700+ branches in India with presence in other countries as well. The main sectors that Andhra Bank caters to are retail, corporate, MSME, NRI and agriculture. Andhra Bank was the first bank in India to have given out credit cards to customers before they became a norm. The banking products and services that Andhra Bank offers under the retail category are loans, deposits, cards, insurance, and mutual funds amongst others. Andhra Bank Personal Loan Overview Andhra Bank offers two types of loans under the personal loan scheme – Consumer Loans, and Clean…show more content…
They can deposit collateral in the form of a life insurance policy or pledge National Savings Certificates (NSC), Shares or units of an equivalent amount. They can also choose to grant a hypothec of the article purchased with bank finance to the bank as security. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How can I apply for an Andhra Bank personal loan? A: It is easy to apply for an Andhra Bank personal loan. You can visit your nearest Andhra bank branch or go online to their website at to check out the details. If you want to buy appliances, furniture or other consumer goods for your home, you must consider applying for the Andhra Bank consumer loan. If you need cash for personal needs such as to meet medical emergencies, pay for child’s education, plan a vacation, etc., you must consider applying for the Andhra Bank Clean loan. Andhra Bank offers both of these loans under the Andhra Bank personal loan umbrella. Q: Can I have a co-applicant for my Andhra Bank Personal Loan? A: Yes, you can. The co-applicant must also have a stable source of income and sufficient worth. The co-applicant can be your spouse, parent or any other third

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