Atticus Finch In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am characterizing Atticus Finch. Atticus is courageous and caring. First, Atticus is choosing to defend this black man named Tom Robinson, which shows that Atticus is courageous. Any lawyer in Maycomb wound not even consider helping a black person in court, but Atticus does, that shows that he is mentally separated from everybody else in Maycomb. In that time period that was very rare for a white person to help a black person, Atticus knows that he has no chance to prove that Tom is not guilty, but he helps him because he is courageous. That is important because it shows that Atticus is separated socially from everybody else living in Maycomb, nobody wants to be friends with somebody who is defending a black person. In that time period, everybody was very racist, so why…show more content…
The rest of the town hid in fear, but Atticus accepted the challenge. Lastly, Atticus is courageous because he defended Tom Robinson from the crowd of men at the jail. That is important because it shows that he is mentally separated from the group of people, they all think that Tom is guilty but Atticus is giving Tom a chance. He is physically separating that crowd of people from Tom because it is part of his job for being Tom’s lawyer. All the reasons listed above proves that Atticus is truly courageous. Atticus is also caring. First, Atticus cares for his family. He helps Scout when kids call Atticus mean names at school because of the Tom Robinson trial, that shows that the Finch family is separated mentally for everybody else in Maycomb, they want to help Tom when nobody else will. Atticus is also separating his family socially from the rest of the people in Maycomb by help Tom in his trial. That is important because he knows it will be hard for his family but he knows the the right thing to do. He cares for his family in this hardship because they will need
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