At & T And Tv Merger Essay

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The merger of AT&T and Direct TV have brought together two leading companies with complimentary strength and scale in mobility, video and broadband services. The two companies have come together to bring to the customers the best of both worlds, The outstanding entertainment of Direct TV and the coverage and reliability of the AT&T wireless network, and great value on video, and high-speed internet . “ We’ll now be able to meet customers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service with premier programming, their favorite contents on a mobile device, or video streamed internet to any screen” ( AT&T Chairman and CEO) . -The addition of the 20 million customers of Direct TV to AT&T customer base.…show more content…
As a result of this acquisition, AT&T expects that, by the end of 2015, its largest revenue streams will be, in descending order: Business Solutions (both wireless and wireline); Entertainment & Internet; Consumer Mobility; and International Mobility and Video. -The competition against pay-TV providers is fierce. AT&T and other pay-TV providers can back up pay-TV losses with Internet service subscriptions, but DirecTV didn’t really have that option. The merger with AT&T gives DirecTV that option.( Tom Wheeler FCC Chairman) -The merger provides AT&T and DirecTV the opportunity to compete effectively in this tough environment with a quadruple-play bundle for consumers: Mobile phone service, fixed-line service, high-speed Internet, and pay-TV. The merged network infrastructure turns into a triple-play: Cellular, fiber-optic, and satellite networks. -The blending of the two Cultures of both companies: AT&T : culture and Code of Business Conduct, “Commitment to the customers, Shareholders and employees to always conduct its business in an ethical and honest matter. Direct TV , and their passion about earning their customer’s Loyalty by providing with the BEST

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