Arthur Thoman Quille's Once Aboard The Lugger

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Once Aboard the Lugger: Analysis For centuries, women have been marginalized by men and forced to know and play their role. Much of this involves marrying, having children, and most importantly following the lead of the men in their lives. Every so often, however, there comes a woman who doesn’t necessarily accept the pattern that has been set into place by the many generations before her. Arthur Thoman Quiller-Couch creates a passionate and strong willed woman in the character Nance in his short story “Once Aboard the Lugger”. Based upon her curiosity in regard to wondering what kind of husband Reverend Samuel Bax would be, it is evident that Nance does accept the fact that she is expected to marry and be a wife. However, by kidnapping…show more content…
Arriving at the Reverend’s home is Nance’s first way of going against courtship. She then lies to him in order to trick him into boarding the boat with her. Not long after, Nance professes her love for him in a dramatic and unexpected proposal. This is a man whom she has never met, and because of her social class and his level of education she would never have an honest opportunity to commit such an act. Also, a marriage proposal is a role traditionally reserved solely for a man only after months of courting his intended bride. Next, in a desperate attempt to convince Reverend Samuel to accept her proposal, Nance asks him to take her hands, again an act that should not be initiated by a woman. Immediately, The Reverend “sealed his fate for good or ill. He bent forward a little and their lips met” (9). With that promise, Nance turns the boat around. When they returned to the harbour, however, Nance is trembling and nervous and even offers to let the Reverend off of his implied promise. Although she has subverted the patterns of courtship, she still understands that as the man he holds in his hands the final decision of their

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