Armstrong And Arturo Cadevall Analysis

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"Why We Cheat" by Ferric C. Fang And Arturo Casadevall is a reference that talks about people who surpass their life obstacles by doing what it takes as the cyclist Lance Armstrong did to earn his seven titles. Cheating is not limited to humans; it has been documented throughout the living world, wherever there is competition for limited resources. Dishonest scientific research can misdirect other investigators, lead to misguided public policy and harm patients when clinical decisions are based on faulty information. Despite its ubiquity, cheating can be quite detrimental to individuals and to society. Armstrong’s cycling teammates were coerced into going along with the doping scheme and bullied when they tried to come clean. As the psychologist…show more content…
Still, humans remain in the frame of cheating their way through things such as students when the researchers changed the experimental conditions such that the students assumed the examiner could not detect cheating, the average self-reported test score rose significantly which is proves that researchers determined that the scores were not by a few students who cheated a lot but rather by many students cheating a little. However, when there was an award to get clean in submission in the game, cheating was decreased which means when there is a cost of becoming honest, humans do what it takes to get the reward and avoid dirty…show more content…
Most of those who cheat claim as Armstrong did to achieve greatness. Cheating is taking something in to give out more while surpassing obstacles is for a fact is to do more in order to pass. Therefore, cheating is somehow became a part of creatures nature to get over things like students cheating to get a better grade or even to have a grade. Cheating is what those who are not capable of getting thigs done and use a dishonest act to claim that they are. For me, I do not say that I am a perfect person, and no one is. Cheating is a nasty habit that several people take advantage of in their life and sometimes, I did as well. However, I am not completely depending on such movement to pass things in my life but I do so to overcome things that are difficult to me in order to get what I require in the end of it. Such article was amazing to read and furthermore I would like to do so in order to avoid such ugly habit but what was surprising that even animals do such a thing in their own life patter. However, what was indecent to know that athlete take such process to surpass their way through competitions to gain a reward which they earned by cheating or as Armstrong said "doing what it takes to get through". Such concept that even a role model is unclear scares me for looking up to the right person. Overall, cheating is a dishonest act by those who wish to earn their right by

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