Personal Narrative: GEMS Camp As A Counselor

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GEMS CAMP AS A JUNIOR COUNSELOR It was hard to get through the week, but I did it. I am nervous as i'm walking up to my cabin that I will have to be a junior counselor for kids I have never met before. All these thoughts are running through my head, like i'm I good enough? Will I mess up? Can I do this? I remember when I was a camper for GEMS camp and how amazing my counselor was, and how she did everything really good, so I knew I had to be that good as a junior counselor. All the counselors and junior counselors got to come a day early so we could get familiar with the campsite and set up everything and get ready for the kids to come and start the week. We had a meeting so we could learn all the rules and safety. We also had to try out…show more content…
After we were all there we had to go find a spot in the grass away from other cabins to start evening devotions. Our cabin ended up under a tree away from the hot sun. Our lesson was about how we could spur one another on during the week of GEMS camp. Our devotions were about how to help the other girls and themselfs to get out of their comfort zone and spur one another on. Amber had asked a question to the girls saying “what's one thing you can do to help spur on one another on?” I also was thinking about how the could even though I had the answer in front of me. This got me thinking about how I treat people and what I should be doing differently. After devotions all the cabins went back to their own and got ready for bed and cleaned up our cabin and talked about what are favorite thing we did that day. Amber and I had answered questions that some of the girls had. A few days later after doing the almost same thing everyday. I was getting kinda annoyed and bored with the things I had to do. All I had to do is make sure the kids stayed on track and didn't goof off. I learned a lot about myself, how much I could handle and what pushed me to my limits. I also learned that I can push through things and finish what I started if I put my mind to

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