Argumentative Essay On Affordable Health Care

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In this day and age of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and other tax and regulatory powers health care is a topic that Americans can’t seem to shake. It seems that the American government has made it possible to provide affordable health care, with or without a stable income. Although these programs may help those in need, they do not always sit well with the public. For example, there has been much debate whether the Affordable Care Act oversteps boundaries to make individuals without private insurance to pay a premium for government provided insurance. There are many viewpoints one should look at in order to decipher whether these old and new government programs that provide affordable health care are indeed beneficial. Evaluating from a libertarian standpoint, one could say that this theory forbids this idea of government regulation and taxes for affordable health care because of the libertarian beliefs in free markets and…show more content…
By the government requiring taxpayers to fund government programs to provide reasonable health care they are violating rights. Libertarians believe that we have the right to do as we wish with what we possess “provided we do not violate other people’s rights to do the same” (Sandel 49). By this we own what we make, for example how we spend our money. According to libertarians the minimal state is ideal. Only a minimal state “is compatible with the libertarian theory of rights” (Sandel 60). In libertarianism one uses the free-market philosophy in which “no one should be forced to do is help other people” (Sandel 62). But the taxes force those to help others that cannot afford to pay themselves so they obtain a cheaper premium. Libertarians also oppose modern states that contain paternalism, morals legislation, and redistribution of income or wealth (Sandel 60). All of which are available in America, especially by recent health care regulations and

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