Antigone Critical Lens Essay

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In Antigone by Greek playwright Sophocles, Teiresias, a wise seer, observes that good men admit their mistakes. “Think: all men make mistakes, But a good man yields when he Knows his course is wrong, And repairs the evil: The only Crime is pride.” (1) When pondered upon, one concludes that the statement actually holds merit. Observation leads me to believe that admitting one’s faults is the responsible course of action, as doubt emerges where needed; one’s actions trigger question for a reason. Assuming pride to the extent of overlooking one’s own mistakes damages not only his credibility but also his integrity. Lastly, pride serves as an obstacle in one’s path to maturity. Teiresias believes that good men admit their faults and attempt to fix the damage done. He says, “… a good man yields when he Knows his course is wrong, And repairs the evil…” When someone speaks about his doubt for another’s actions, it is rightfully so. One often wallows in ignorance of his mistakes until a bystander takes notice, similar to a child learning how to do pushups for the first time; he does not know that he assumes crooked posture…show more content…
Author C.S. Lewis wrote, “A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.” (2) In other words, if one carries too much pride, he blocks himself from seeing the truth. Pride consumes him, and he loses the discretion of good men; therefore, he adapts to his superiority complex, unable to yield or know that his “course is wrong.” (1) With pride acting like the ceiling above a balloon, the proud man cannot rise in his maturity and personal growth. He carries too much pride to consider the observations of his peers and learn from his mistake and instead proceeds with his wrong course in continued ignorance. This kind of ignorance stems from pride and keeps a man from fixing and learning from his own

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