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Antalya Airport (AYT) is one of the most popular and busiest airports in Turkey during the summer season located 10 kilometers away from the city center of Antalya. AYT serves the middle part of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Arriving and Departing in AYT Public Transit from AYT Usually, tourists arrive in Antalya for a tour from a travel agency. Thus, travel companies organize airport shuttles from AYT to hotels. For travelers that came along, there is public transport from AYT to Antalya city center. Two routes of regular buses 600 and 600a take passengers from the airport to the city. Bus #600 goes directly to the Antalya Bus Station (Otogar), while bus #600a has the same destination, but it also passes the Kaleici district in Antalya. Buses depart from the bus stop near the…show more content…
Tickets can be purchased on board. In some cases, drivers can accept dollars, but as practice shows, not always. So travelers should have local currency to buy tickets. Travel time from AYT to the bus station is 1.5 hours. Baggage is included in ticket price. From the airport, buses depart every 30…show more content…
On average, the price per ride to the Old City district cost TRY 40-50. Taxi stands are located close to the terminal buildings. Taxicabs are equipped with meters. It is highly recommended to avoid offers from unauthorized taxi drivers that meet passengers at the arrival hall. Eventually, the price of such trip will be much higher. He authorized taxi are locates at the stands and they are easily recognized – taxis are yellow. Very often taxi drivers accept dollars and euros, but it is better to have liras. As an option, travelers can book a taxi in advance via the Internet. It will save time on waiting for a free taxicab. Sometimes, passengers can also pay for taxi online in

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