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This article is about gay marriages by Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is a man determined to get his point across about straight couples, gays’ and lesbians’ equal rights. The article “For Gay Marriage” by Sullivan, “argues that marriage as a social and public recognition of a private commitment ought to be equally accessible to homosexuals.” (254) He goes on to discuss how gays and lesbians are treated unequally in today society, because they are not allowed the right to marry. However, today in some states they allow marriages between gays and lesbians. Sullivan’s main idea is to prove to society that no matter who we choose to marry or decide to be with it is not for society to judge an individual, but to either accept it or not discriminate…show more content…
Also, Sullivan goes on to proves his points by creating high essential facts by citing a lot of knowledgeable and studied ideas. One of the points he made was no matter what sex a person is, if they were sick before getting married, then after getting married they started doing well such as getting healthier. Marriage has many benefits for a heathier and happier life than those that chose to be single. Sullivan is in fact for same-sex marriages, and just wants support and equality for homosexuals just as heterosexuals does. Also, Sullivan says, being married is an agreement/promise between couples; does not necessarily mean it has to be just for straight couples. Sullivan goes on and talks about how he feels it is ok for gays and lesbians to marry. When getting married it is viewed as for richer or for poorer, sickness and health till death do they part kind of bond between the couple. Sullivan states; “domestic partnership” like the judicial system would have to determine or dispute whom would or would not qualify. Or who is married or who is not.…show more content…
(255) However, if a married couple wants to have children then it is a choice that the couple chooses to make. The way most people in society see it is what gays and lesbians do in their home is up to them. But when society allows them to adopt or have children, then that is depriving that child of an ordinary life and of its right to live in a stable environment. For example, if children or teens should see their parents kissing or having sex. Would the child start to wonder how can they make babies, when one does not have the right body parts to do so. Or was making it harder on a child to decide if they are gay, lesbian, or straight. And is this going to cause a problem between their parents if they want to be straight whereas the parents are homosexuals. Then if a child brought into this world through marriage of a straight couple, society would just see them as normal and that child would live a normal life; which has been passed down from our forefather that seen marriage as one man and one woman, to keep down disease and to keep up reproduction. Unlike, a gay or lesbian child that would have all kinds of other issues such as health issues, aids, discrimination, rights, benefits that they would have to endure in today

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