Analyzing Marc Chagall's Painting 'I And The Village'

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Olivia Lance 9/18/14 Art 190-970 Marc Chagall and his Work “I and the Village” Marc Chagall was an interesting artist who lived from 1887 to 1985. Although, he has passed his artwork is still appreciated to this day. His art varied from different meanings, different styles, materials, mediums, and passions. These differences in art can be explained by the times, and thoughts going through an artist’s head. One of his most famous paintings that have been studied over and over is his painting called, “I and the Village.” A combination of influences and beliefs has made this an everlasting masterpiece. Fig.1. Marc Chagall, I and the Village. 1911, Oil on Canvas, 192.1 x 151.4 cm. Paris Marc Chagall was influenced heavily by location and what was going on at the time. Therefore, his creations reflected what he was…show more content…
This specific line most likely gained the most attention in the piece, because it is interpreted in so many ways by others. The whole piece has gained the ideas of many different perspectives. There are many different ways to interpret the meaning to this painting, but many of them lead to the same conclusion for different aspects of the picture. Hasids are orthodox Jewish members; Chagall was included in this group. They believe that, “animals were also humanity’s link to the universe.” The human’s eyes connect to the cows that could show the relationship to living together in peace, and that is why the animals reward the peasants with a tree. This tree is no ordinary one however, it is shown to be a magical gift like the, “tree of life, is the reward of their partnership." That line between the eyes shows this meaning of animals connected to humans and the universe it brings them. In the painting this large circle can represent this meaning of the universe. Marc Chagall didn’t only miss his village but he missed the culture and religious aspects of what it

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