Analysis: The Suburbanization Of America By Hutter

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Drive In Starting all the way back in the 50’s and continuing on today, the car is quite possibly the most important machine we use today. In this article many of the ideas discussed are still extremely relevant today. The highway, the garage, shopping center just to name a few, all created due to the explosion of cars. Along with the creation of new places our society as a whole started to change. The Section “A drive-in society” discussed how due to our on the go lifestyles the way we did the most basic of things like eating changed drastically. The fast food explosion started around this time changing how we got our food forever. My aha moment occurred when reading the section entitled “The gasoline service center”. Our biggest import…show more content…
Along with that race in citys is discussed and the idea of parks especially those in major cities. Along with these topics one that is heavily discussed are gated communites. This is a really interesting topic to me due to the fact that back home I live near one of the richest gated communities in America. An interesting fact that I learned in my crime control policy class was that gated communities actually have more crime occurring than those communities that aren't gated. My Aha moment and something truly fascinating is how race plays a factor in where people live in cities and suburbs. A statement that really surprised me was on page 372 where it reads how racial prejudice and government housing are what decides where people live and that this plays a major role in the movement of the middle class out of major cities. “These policies have exacerbated the concentration of racial poverty in the central cities and helped construct the metropolitan dividing lines that separate areas of wealth and opportunity from areas of poverty and distress…” This opened my eyes to the reality that today this is more true than ever. There really isn't a place I can think of thats split 50/50 down the middle its either nice or the slums no real in between when it comes to neighborhoods. Sadly a lot of these lower income neighborhoods are occupied by primarily african americans. There is also numerous government housing projects we through all the poor into. Personally I feel these exist so cities can get rid of the poor to create a better

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