The Civil War: The Revolution Of World Animation

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As Animation is a revolution it is not surprising that with all revolutions there is bound to be a civil war. The Civil War of Animation in the Great Walt Disney Cartoonists Strike of 1941 changed the course of animation and comics. The Disney Strike spawned new studios, new creative styles, new characters and changed animation forever. And without that moment in history, the UPA’s influence upon world animation would not have occurred. Chuck Jones Roadrunner, Coyote and Bugs Bunny shorts would not have had their unique design style, because their art director, Maurice Noble, was a Disney art director who quit because of the strike. John Hubley never would have made his way to New York and end up meeting Faith Elliot to create award winning films. Frank Tashlin, the Looney Tunes director and would not have become a union VP, and join the Mouse House to help unionize the cartoonists there. It was a significant moment in animation history. And set it up for years to come.…show more content…
Stop Motion was a process with which objects were influenced and photographed in one motion and frame at a time. The objects can be almost anything, however usually the preferred objects are made from clay. After photographing the objects, the photos are then transferred to film and combined with sound, as with the traditional method. Now one of the most popular Stop Motion animation film has “bleated” its way into the hearts of moviegoers and created the revival of this animation method. Shaun' (left), 'Slip' (center) and 'Bitzer' (right) in Shaun the Sheep movie. Inserted from: Computer

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