Analysis Of Thomas Chatterton Williams Black Culture Beyond Hip Hop

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What is hip hop? Too many people are uncertain as to what Hip Hop Culture really is really about. Hip-hop culture is normally acknowledged by its main elements: Beatboxing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, DJing, and most importantly Rapping. However, these elements are purely forms of art intended to express a deeper meaning. Thomas Chatterton Williams’ “Black Culture beyond Hip-Hop”, and Darrell Dela Rosa’s “Colleges Embrace Hip-Hop studies” details a different perspective about hip hop and its influence, or lack off. Thomas Chatterton Williams argues that the hip hop is responsible for this negative stigma in the African American culture, or as he calls it “Cool-pose culture”. While Darrell Dela Rosa believes that there should be a much bigger presence…show more content…
Hip-hop is continuously changing essence and perceptions of urban youth that keeps reinventing itself in a never-ending cycle. Although many artists believe since their lyrics are only a direct reflect of their lives, It should be used as a learning to tool to understand what’s going in these poor neighborhood they came from. The author should’ve differentiate between the types of Hip Hop genre as there is plenty. The author solely used “gangster rap” as a direct representation of what the entire hip hop culture is…show more content…
James Peterson also stated that if viewed and taught hip-hop from a historical viewpoint, it will be regarded as highly as we recognize other genres of music such as:

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