Analysis Of No Good Girl By Sharon Flaker

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“No Good Girl” In the “So I Aint No Good Girl” story written by Sharon Flaker, the character of the “No Good Girl” is very insecure of herself but doesn’t know it. She also does not communicate well with other people. The “No Good Girl” character is taken advantage by Raheem, her “boyfirend”. In the text it says , “Raheem’s hand smashes the words into my mouth.”, “Girl don’t make me”. Her also pulls her earing so she can be quie. Her mom also tells her that she would never win a beauty contest. When she hears those words, her self-esteem might go down just by hearing those words. They also use each other. She knows that she is not good looking, but he is. She is using him as a trophy. As Raheem is looking at other girls, she wants to tell

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