1497-John Cabot Sights Ireland

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1497 - John Cabot sights Newfoundland. 1498 - John and Sebastian Cabot explore from Labrador to Cape Cod. 1524 - Giovanni de Verrazano discovers the Hudson River before sailing north to Nova Scotia. 1534- 35 - Jacques Cartier explores the Gulf of St. Lawrence, travels up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec, Montreal and Prince Edward Island. 1578-1580 - Sir Francis Drake sails into San Francisco Bay. 1543 - Jean Alfonce explores up the Saguenay River, Quebec believing it is the Sea of Cathay. 1583 - Humphrey Gilbert founded the first English colony in America a small settlement on Newfoundland. 1584 - Sir Walter Raleigh funds the settlement on Roanoke Island and calls the land Virginia. 1607 - Henry

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