Mike Anderson Court Case

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If, you got locked away for a crime you committed over thirteen years ago how would you react? Well, for most of us we probably wouldn't even remember we had done anything wrong since it had been so long. Well, this is exactly what happened to Mike Anderson. He should not go back to jail because it would take lots of time, money, and would have an effect on everyone around him. This process would take a very long time to do a trial. His trial would take a very long time away from the court system which they could use to spend on their more controversial cases. This means that the court would be using their time inefficiently, and time is money. If, they send Mike to jail then it will take time from Mike. If, Mike gets taken away then his family will lose time to spend with their loving father. This could potentially affect his kids into start doing illegal things like him without a strong role model. If Mike Anderson were to be taken away his business would be affected with the time lost with out having their Boss to contribute to making and managing the company. This could greatly put pressure on the company or even make the company have to sell or…show more content…
This would be because the company would stop employing his employees which might have to start benefiting from welfare as well as the company and employees not being able to pay as many taxes or they might not be capable of paying any at all. This process would also take money from the state to house and feed him in jail. The cost would be approximately twenty thousand a year. This in the end would cost the state another $260 thousand, I say again because they were most likely paying for him to be in jail while he was not in jail. One last thing that would cost the state money is if Mike Anderson wasn't able to pay the price of a lawyer then the state would have to provide and pay the cost for a lawyer for his

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