Analysis Of Gorilla, My Love By Toni Cade Bambara

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During childhood, children usually do not know right from wrong, they believe everything. The beginning stages of childhood is typically built around innocence. Children have care free, trustworthy, and fragile minds that has not experienced the big cruel world yet. The innocence of youth allows children to learn and grow in healthy ways without fear and without prejudice. They explore new knowledge, adventure, and share their experiences. Also being taught to respect grown-ups; children believe that adults should have a child’s best interest at heart. In the story “Gorilla, My love”, by Toni Cade Bambara the themes used were ambition, loved, and isolation through the narrator life as she grows up. The story is narrated by a little girl named Hazel. In the story she expresses her anger towards adults. Hazel and her siblings went to the movies to see the film “Gorilla, My Love,” but noticed right away that the movie was not about gorillas, surprisingly it was about Jesus. Her misunderstanding of the movies title help develop her idea that “grown-ups figure they can treat you just anyhow” (15). Like most children, Hazel is firm believer that what you…show more content…
She said, “ I realize that just about anybody in my family is better than this god they always talking about, my daddy wouldn’t stand for nobody treating any us that way, my mother specially.” Hazel feels loved by her parents. She rely on her family to have her back in any situation. The narrator mentions, “Mama come up there in a minute when them teacher start playing the dozens behind colored folks” (17). Hazel they find support in their families. She trust whatever grew-up tell her. In the text she said, “Cause if you say gorilla, my love, you suppose to mean it. Just like when you say you going to give me a party on my birthday, u got to mean it.” Now all she accept as true was that grew-up do not lie.Hazel alos recall wheb her ubcle babysat her and told her was the cuties baby he ever

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