Analysis Of Coddling Of The American Mind By Greg Lukianoff And Jonathan Haidt

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Authored by Greg lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, short story “The Coddling of the American Mind” centres on Higher education students, who in recent years have become discomposed from some ideas and words (Microaggression) used by Professors or their colleges. This change in Higher education students life have grown rapidly to the extents where Federal, State government and School authorities implement law limiting what can be shared, said to the students. Infact,some Professors and Students are suspended or expelled given students find what their professors and colleagues threatening or offensive. Greg and Jonathan made an example of an accounting instructor Jung in the University of central Florida who made jest to cheer the students that finds what is teaching difficult, but to some students, his joke was an offencive comment. He was suspended from the school and asked to get a written Certification from a mental health institution. Although, about 20 of the same students wrote the school administration that his intent was to make the class lively.…show more content…
In the first paragraph of the story,Greg and Jonathan mentioned a liberal Art professor who is terrified by his students. When a Professor is scared to teach his own students,there is no way those students can be exposed to information and ideas for the afterschool. On this same page, they mentioned how books like Things Fall Apart by chinua Achebe and The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald portrays physical abuse, misogyny and racial violence whereas, these books portray the reality and occurrence in our

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