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The explosion of reality television has become more and more popular within the past 15 years with shows like ABC’s The Bachelor. Given the never-ending drama, the show provides endless amounts of entertainment for viewers. Currently, ABC is airing the 18th season with Chris Soules, a small town Iowa famer as The Bachelor. The premise of the show is to have the bachelor fall in love. However, out of the 25 women that are chosen to compete for the bachelors’ heart most of them are not there to fall in love. The women on the show are supposed to represent America but they don’t because all the women have a similar appearance, social background and personality. This show casts certain types of women that have to have a certain look about them.…show more content…
Some women go on group dates, where others go on one on one dates. During a one on one date, The Bachelor must decide whether he wants the women to stay by giving her a rose or to go home at the end of the date. His decision is based on spending less than about 5 hours with this person. The one on one dates are very unrealistic and are simply meant to provide entertainment for viewers. The woman social backgrounds are a big part on this show. Based on the previous seasons of the Bachelor, all the women share their social backgrounds. Each of the women have similar social backgrounds because they grew up going to school and getting a degree, getting a job, finding love and most importantly moving to the next step and having hopes to start a family. There are certain women on the show that stick out on each season. Especially during this Bachelor season, for example, Britt, a waitress from Los Angeles was taken on a one on one date during week 5 of the show. She revealed her biggest fear was heights. When Chris and her got to the date there was a huge hot air balloon waiting for the two of them. She began to feel nervous, but then calmed down due to Chris’ presence. She was chosen to go on that date to provide heighten to the tensions. In another group date the women had to do an obstacle race where the winner would get a one on one date…show more content…
Based on previous seasons all the women seem to impress the bachelor by getting one on one attention and by taking the bachelor away from all the other women to spend more time with him. Most of the women like to get attention, for example, during this season, Ashley a woman on the Bachelor was on the show this past season mostly to entertain the audience, because she preferred to do her own thing whether she embarrassed herself or not. She was on the show due to entertainment purposes then to find love. She didn’t care what was going on in the house, so she spent her time mostly outside finding ways to entertain herself. When there are only 2 girls left competing for Chris’s love there is an episode called Women Tell All, when Ashley was chosen to explain her experience on the show. She mentioned that she did sign up to find love but would rather entertain her self than fight with the other women in the house. As being apart of the audience would you argue that Ashley was doing the right thing or was it mostly for attention? She thought it was better for her to entertain herself and the audience. Should more people like Ashley compete on the show? Would the Bachelor be the same if there were no drama? For example, the argument of this case would be, do you think Ashley did the right thing or by following the other woman footsteps would attract more audiences attention? The woman usually flies under the radar

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