An Analysis Of Thank You M By Langston Hughes

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The underlying message Langston Hughes is sending in “Thank You Ma’m” is that Mrs. Jones had a bad experience when she was younger and feels obligated to help Roger. In the passage, Roger planned to snatch Mrs. Jones pocketbook and failed to get it. Mrs. Jones gave Roger some dinner. After they had their evening meal, she gave him ten dollars to buy a pair of blue suede shoes that Roger had wanted. Without saying a thank you ma’m, he never saw her again. Thank You Ma’m by Langstong Hughes Mrs. Jones took Roger home. On example of Mrs. Jones dragging Roger to her home, she says, “‘...And your face is dirty. I got a great mind to wash your face for you…’”(pg. 36, line 36-37). . In her house, Mrs. Jones directs Roger to wash his face in her sink,

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