Essay On Classism In Canada

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To what extent does classism, and through classism it’s natural by-product inequality affect and influence the modern day educational systems in Canada. Classism in Canada is significantly important, as it can affect the majority of the country, and does on a daily basis. From being denied a loan or a mortgage on a house due to your yearly income to being unwelcome in the more wealthy neighbourhoods of the country because you’re not a member of the local millionaires club, classism can affect everyone. To understand classism you must first have a deep understanding of the multiple classes’ and how they are divided. People can be seen as being in a different class depending on how much or how little money they make. This categorization is known as classism. There are three major classifications in which people are titled. These three classes are known as upper or high class which is the class of people with the most money. This is the smallest group of the three classes. Joining the top 1-per-cent…show more content…
Many people may not know it but the resources or funding a school has at its disposal does affect a student later in life. In wealthy areas the schools receive more funding because the citizens there pay larger amounts of tax, as well as donations from wealth families, these schools look more like small college campuses than other schools and are very well kept. (, 2014) The students that attend this school will always want the nicer or more expensive things in life and will never settle for less than that. Where as in a lower income neighborhood the schools look run down and are usually vandalized, in most cases the student will settle for less in life. Due to the poor quality of the school, they may feel as if they cannot achieve higher in life or afford more high quality

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