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Alejandro González Iñárritu’s thrilling drama Amores Perros explores the relationships between three different groups of people and the tragic event that brings them all together for the first time ever. The movie does an amazing job of showing realism in tragic relationships, but my issue with the film revolves more around the characters themselves. While the characters feel realistic and honest about the way real relationships can be, the women of the film are shown in a weaker and more stereotypical light and the men in a more misleading masculine light. The first group of people we get to see is a young man named Octavio, his brother Ramiro and his brother’s wife Susana. The relationships between the three are rocky to say the least,…show more content…
She is an object for both men. Ramiro uses her like an owner treats his property and Octavio sees her like a trophy to be obtained and bought. Even though Octavio seems to have good intentions and treats her better than Ramiro does, he doesn’t value her opinion on leaving with him. He only insists on persuading her to leave, regardless of how she actually feels about the situation. “In the narrative, [Octavio] is compelled by a blend of sexual desire, the wish to up-stage his brother and a naïve confidence in his ability to enter the dangerous world of dog fighting and succeed” (Amaya, 208). This film is all about the men and their goals, but makes a point to ensure audiences that happy endings are not guaranteed for…show more content…
Even though he loves her, he has a temper and a need to control what she thinks about certain things. It all comes to the fore front when their dog falls through a hole in the floor, and their relationship falls apart as the dog remains trapped for many days. Valeria’s health worsens and she is also put in a state of powerlessness. “Though her fixation on rescuing the dog seems a frivolous plot motivation, it clearly leads to the debunking of her external beauty as she becomes as emotionally violent as Octavio in the previous story” (Elena & Lopez, 225). Their relationship ends with Valeria coming home with an amputated leg, a torn down billboard of her modeling advertisement, and no hope. We never get to hear her side or feelings. We never even get to hear her thought process before the tragic ending. We only get to see Daniel get angry and upset with her, while he’s on the side avoiding calling his

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