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Alyss is many things; amongst these, she is vulnerable, strong-willed, and proud. For example, when she found she cat she welcomed it right away. She found him with a ribbon around his neck,” and, “Attached to the ribbon was a card with a simple greeting: ‘Happy Birthday Alyss!’”(Beddor, 34) and with that, she took it into her home. This shows her vulnerability because she has no idea who this cat is from, or what it is capable of. When Alyss’ mother, Queen Genevieve, ordered Hatter to take Alyss and go through the looking glass, Alyss refused and fought to stay. “No, I’m staying!” Alyss said; “And she threw her arms around her mother.” (Beddor, 46) Alyss is strong-willed, and doesn’t want to leave without knowing that her mother will…show more content…
Erase it all.” Alyss was angry, but then thought that she should sculpt herself to fit into this new world that was so much different from wonderland, “I will no longer be odd Alice. Odd Alice must die.” (Beddor, 89) After a handful of years, Alice was a beautiful young lady. Upon meeting Prince Leopold, she was asked for her hand in marriage. “Marriage?” She pondered the idea, “Again, she felt the long-buried affection for someone who…” Alice imagined, thinking of Dodge. “She would not allow herself to think of him. She had to be realistic.” She thought, knowing she’d tried to forget Wonderland long ago. “The marriage would please her mother. She would do it for her mother, for her family’s sake. ‘I accept, Leopold.’” Alice said doubtfully. (Beddor, 98) Alice wanted to continue living a normal life in London, even though she didn’t love Leopold, she will marry him because she is very caring for her family and has respect for her mother. During Alice’s wedding day, Redd’s top assassin, the cat, jumped into the pool of tears, traveled to London, and ambushed the wedding, with Alice’s severed head on his mind. When Alice saw Dodge as he strived to save her, she remembered him, “She suddenly

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