Allusions Of Rosebud To Citizen Kane

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Said Shaheen (602806) Mrs. Scruton ENG4UO September 26,2014 Allusions of “Rosebud” to Citizen Kane The Simpsons episode “Rosebud” is a parody of the film Citizen Kane. The title of the episode is an allusion to Charles Kane’s dying word “Rosebud”. The struggle to decipher a human’s life once that life has ended; is the overall theme of The Simpsons episode. Mr. Burns and Charles Kane are known for their possessions, achievements, and actions, but there is something deeper that motivates them. The most important memory in Mr. Burns and Charles Kane’s is their childhood. Their materialistic attitude made them susceptible and lonely. In both works, an item that both characters had during their childhood is truly missed, because the item reminded

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