Alfred Kinsey: The Sexual Revolution

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The Sexual Revolution The Sexual Revolution was a time period in the 1960s, when peoples views on sexuality changed dramatically (“Sexual Revolution”). There is not one major cause of the Sexual Revolution, but there were lots of effects of this revolution starting. Some of the causes of the revolution were: Alfred Kinsey, the making of the pill, pornographic movies, rise of premarital sex, and looser morals. The effects of the revolution were: contraception, premarital sex, sexual ethics going down, myths and stereotypes. Alfred Kinsey was a man who helped cause the Sexual Revolution. He did many surveys in the beginning of the 1960 about people’s sexual experiences and relations, past and present (“Preface to ‘What Are the Origins of Homosexuality?’”). Alfred discovered through his surveys, that about ten percent of the people that took the survey, had participated in sexual relations. Kinsey also estimated that the number would go up in future years (“Preface to…show more content…
Contraceptives help you not get an unwanted pregnancy, and if a woman did get pregnant she was provided with other options. Probably, the most popular contraceptive was the birth control pill, also known as “The Pill.” Doctors didn’t prescribe the pill a lot, because women who were not yet married want to get it, and having sex before marriage was considered immoral (Bailey). So some women had to turn another way and if their was an unexpected pregnancy, there was always abortion. The rates of abortion and sterilization went up a lot because people that didn’t want children, were having sex. So that brought down birth rates for cities. (“A Critique of the Sexual Revolution”). Poor and less fortunate people started enjoying sexual relations more, because they would use contraceptives and not having to worry about having a child to spend money on (Poussaint). But in some ways this goes against some people’s views of sexual

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