Advantages Of Commercial Warranty

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We live in world of technology with unprecedented opportunities to solicit and capture the attention of consumers using digital commercial displays. Think about, in a continuing era of technological evolution more companies are taking advantage of display boards. It’s not unusual to see multiple screens covering the walls and interior or exterior billboards with information and imagery pertaining to our lifestyles and individual preferences. From the business side, keeping these displays operating involves an awareness of the physical wear and tear. Business solutions of a commercial warranty typically, offer a swap to prevent downtime during the initial 3-year term. It’s one of the benefits of using commercial grade equipment versus consumer.…show more content…
Be sure to review the extended warranty terms because they can prevent expensive repairs. The extended coverage also considers the service site advantages for repair of replacement services of hardware using new legacy products. In this case, it makes sense to extend the warranty, essentially improving the original equipment and potentially extending the life cycle. Longer Lifecycles with Extended Warranties Most business owners accept the initial warranty without question. They miss the true value of extended commercial warranties. Besides reducing the equipment costs or business loss due to hardware failure – it’s about protecting your investment. Let’s face it. Today, there’s not a successful business operating without some form of commercial technology. Every single one has extended warranty plan that goes beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. You can manage these warranties to your advantage by using a recognized services to oversee your equipment after deployment. The extended services offer coverages relative to the changes in technological equipment to replace or update the original equipment for a fraction of the…show more content…
If the damage is beyond repair, it’s replaced –at a significant savings compared to replacing the unit. Depending on the terms of the extended warranty, additional benefits may include same day or next day service – ensuring minimum interruption of business. Although you hope you never have to use it, it’s coverage most businesses can’t afford to be without. At the end of the day, the extended coverage ensures adequate replacement to keep your equipment operating. Technology Cycles If you’re paying attention, new models emerge in the market every year. But, the actual cycle of commercial technology occurs every three to four years and take hold in five – setting a new standard. Leader businesses have a five-year plan to renovate, upgrade or completely replaced outdated equipment. Within this cycle of business is an optional warranty agreement to keep older equipment operating. The extended policy has a separate fee attached to it. The terms include specific coverage related to both service maintenance and operational repairs due normal wear and tear

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