Advantages And Disadvantages Of Endodontics

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Endodontics now days are an image mediated treatment which have been based on periapical and panoramic radiographic findings. Nevertheless there are some disadvantages there such as low magnification, distortion of geometry and not good representation of 3D structures. The usage of tomographic imaging enables the correct representation of anatomical structures and their relationship which adjacent tissues.(Cotton, Geisler et al. ; Patel and Dawood 2007) The consequences of radiographic imaging such as risk for misdiagnosis, failure of diagnosis and exposure to ionizing radiation must be taken into consideration and accept that conventional radiographic devices would not always solve every case. The commonest cases of radiolucent findings are inflammations of pulp and periapical…show more content…
Endodontic disease Many evidence shows that a large amount of periapical radiolucencies are a result of endodontic treatment.(Pak, Fayazi et al.) However, it cannot be distinguished which of the radiolucencies undergo a healing process and which not. One commonly appearing radiolucency around the apex of a tooth is apical periodontitis.(Barthel, Zimmer et al.) This appears as a low-dense dark area and in early stages is accompanied with the widening of periodontal ligament and the loss of lamina dura in the area of the apex. When pulp has some inflammation and the areas around the apex are undergoing osteolysis all remain radiolucent. The majority of endodontic lesions are caused by a local pathology, in comparison with those that affect the greater jaw area are a result of some systemic cause. Cone beam computed tomography also makes possible the development and the appearance of periradicular lesion in single or multi rooted teeth.(Nakata, Naitoh et

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