Advantages And Disadvantages Of CSIA

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Person Specification CSIA have a very straight forward person specification, and makes it clear to see the different sections. This is a main advantage of CSIA’s person specification as it allows people to know what they are testing for and how they are testing for the information. By having essentials and desirable allows CSIA to see clearly which points are needed and which points would be a benefit to have from a candidate. This can then inform CSIA which candidates are able to be shortlisted and which shouldn’t be able to make it any further in the recruitment process. Another positive of the person specification is that it informs the candidate on how the criteria will be tested. This can then allow them to know what they will need in order to have a chance in achieving the post, this can have an effect that some applicants know that they haven’t got…show more content…
The first one is that as the applicants are aware of the person speciation then they could adapt themselves in order to try and fit the role more suitably falsely. For example if they know they have to have 5 GCSE’s then they could state they have these 5, when in actual fact they may not. However, as it is testing from the application form they may be able to get away with it until they have their interview. This then wastes CSIA’s time on looking and taking their profile to the next stage. As well as being unfair to some candidates who are honest but do not get chosen. Another negative factor is that it could limit the applications if the candidates do not have the desirable points, even though they have the entire essentials. Lastly, if there are candidates who have good number to desirable points but not all of the essentials then they will not get the chance on getting the post. This could mean that the most suitable candidates are applying for the post, however not able to achieve it as they do not having everything CSIA

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